Ošetrenie prídavnej vody elektrární

No. Operator System capacity
Description of system Country Date of completion
1 AMV Iran 780,0 Process water production of seawater with mixed bed ion-exchange system Iran 2017
2 Aqua Seen Sp.z.o.o. 2 x 6,0 Process water production with RO system for boiler feed, FGD plant and cooling system application Poland 2016
3 Paks Nuclear Power Plant Ltd. 250,0 Fine desalinated water production for coolig circle;
< 0,1 μS/cm conductivity; Equipments: UF (ultrafilter)
two stage reverse osmosis RO1/RO2, CEDI
Hungary 2015
4 Energo Prompt Ltd  5,0 Softwater production with reverse osmosis desalination Hungary 2014
5 INTERTEC Instrumentation Ltd. 12,0 Softwater production with a two-stage reverse osmosis desalination and Electro-deionisation system Kazahstan 2014
6 Chimprom Engineering LLP 2 x 8,0   Process water treatment:  2 modules  of RO desalinating system and CEDI for fine desalinating Kazahstan 2013
7 Hankook Tyre Ltd. 2 x 40  Energetic water treatment with 3 equipment of Multimedia filtration (MMF), RO and degasing (MC) system  Singapore 2012
8 OVIVO Middle East LLC 2 x 20 Fine desalinated water with  <0,2 µS/cm conductivity: applicated technologies are: Reverse Osmosis Desalination and Electro Deionisation
United Arab Emirates 2012
9 Slovnaft a.s. Vlucie hrdlo  500,0  Boiler feed water: fine desalinated water production with 0,2 µS/cm conductivity ,with RO and  CEDI continuous electro-deionisation system  Slovakia 2009
10 Mol Nyrt.
Danue Water refinery Unit
550,0 Process water for oil industrial purposes: High purity desalinated water production  with reverse osmosis (RO) desalination. Boiler feed water production with Hidrobeed filtration and RO  Hungary 2006