Recycling of rinsing water in galvanic industry


Recycling of the rinsing water in galvanic industry is done by the means of full desalination equipment. Full desalination equipment reduces salt content of water by the application of conventional ion exchanger technique.


  • less sensitive to feed water quality compared to RO technique
  • no pressure boosting required
  • low footprint

Fields of application

  • chemical industry
  • food industry
  • automotive industry
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • boilers
  • galvanic technologies

Operation principle

Full desalination equipment consists of units with cation and anion types of resins. Exhausted resins are regenerated: cation resin is with hydrochloric acid, anion resin is with sodium hydroxide or with sodium carbonate.

Equipment is fully automated, manual interaction is necessary during the refill of the chemical containers. Process is controlled by the built-in conductivity measurement. In two column design when conductivity maximum is reached, exhausted column is switched to regeneration mode, other column is switched to water production mode. Such design ensures continuous operation.