Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Different industries generate different types of wastewater with various kinds of contamination. Due to the strictness of the Environmental Legislation, the cost of raw water, companies have to increase investments on waste water treatment and recycling. HIDROFILT Ltd. offers tailor-made solutions for industrial wastewater treatment.

Offered solutions

  • cleaning of wastewater to conform emission limit to sewer 
  • treated water direction to natural receivers
  • recycling of cleaned water
  • recycling of valuable components
  • complete wastewater management with optimization of energy and chemical usage
  • ZLD of flushing water and galvanic wastewater


  • robust, reliable technology that can adapt to fluctuations of feed water quality
  • low operation cost
  • recycling of valuable components
  • easily operable

HIDROFILT Ltd. is proud of its galvanic wastewater treatment plants operating at different locations of GE Hungary for over ten years. The technology is salt and metal recycling, water reuse.