Stainless Steel Production

The INOX workshop is operated from 01 March 2013.

Our main activities are manufacturing of stainless and acid-proof structures, piping, fine filters and tanks and on-site installation. 

We undertake:

 Cutting of stainless and acid-proof steel materials (pipes, hollows, round steel)

 Manufacturing of stainless steel tanks to Ǿ 1200 mm, thickness 4 mm.

 Installation of pipe lines

Workshop staff:

9 persons


5 qualified welding 9606-1//MSZ EN ISO

5 metal workers

Average age: 

37 year


Orbital pipe welding equipment Ǿ 19 mm 114 mm

MIG/MAG welding equipment

AWI welding equipment

Hand Plasma Cutter

Convection and pipe loom abrasive