Reverse Osmosis



  • compact construction installed on a frame
  • small footprint
  • minimal chemical consumption
  • reasonable enviroment loading
  • membrane cleaning on the site
  • water quality monitoring
  • automated operation

Fields of application 

  • sea and brackish water desalinations
  • boiler feed water treatment
  • power station water treatment
  • production of food industrial products
  • industrial waste water recirculation
  • pharmaceutical process water treatment
  • dialysis solution preparation
  • laboratory water clearing
  • domestic water clearing

The precondition of molecular filtration - desalination - carried out with reverse osmosis membranes is that certain parameters of the water to be treated, such as suspending materials, iron, manganese, oxidants, organic materials, concentrations of microorganism cannot exceed the limit values required for the safe operation. 

In order to meet this requirement, the pretreatment of raw water is inevitably needed which can consist of micro-, ultrafiltration, iron, and manganese removal, adsorption, as well as chemicals feeding. 

The reverse osmosis equipment includes the desalinated water storage tank and the cleaning units required for the periodical chemical cleaning of the membranes. An electric conductivity measuring instrument is installed in the output line for monitoring the treated water quality.