Laboratory water analysis


Our company is well equipped with water and material testing laboratory, which is suitable for analysing of the water to be treated. These test data are the basis for the design of optimum water treatment technology.
The test laboratory complying with the requirements of MSZ EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2005 was registered in September 2016 by the National Accreditation Authority under NAH-1-1780 / 2016. The technical area of Hidrofilt analytical laboratory accreditation covers the sampling, on-site testing, physical and chemical analysis of drinking water, groundwater, surface water, heat power plant water, steam system technology and artificial bath water. In addition to the accredited laboratory tests, the laboratory contributes to research and development projects related to the design of water treatment technology.
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  • water sampling, water analysis
  • Ion-exchange resins and adsorbents test
  • detection of membrane surface
  • research, development, experiment with pilot equipment
  • chemical production (product control)

Description of tests

  • Classic Analytics
  • Titrimetria
  • Direct potentiometric method
  • Conductimetry
  • Turbidimetria
  • Colorimetry
  • Complexometria
  • Acidi-alcalimetria
  • Permanganometria
  • Gravimetry
  • Spectrophotometria
  • Argentometria
  • Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (flame, graphite furnace, cold vapour hydride generator)

Additional equipment

  • Shimadzu GFA-7000A Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
  • Metertech SP-8001 UV-VIS spectrophotometer
  • GE Sievers 900 TOC Analyzer
  • Hach DR 900 colorimeter
  • Hach Lange 2100 QIS turbidity meter
  • Jenway M3540 Desktop pH and Specific Conductivity Meter
  • WTW portable pH and specific electrical conductivity meter
  • Hygiena SystemSURE Plus ATP Meter
  • Anton Paar DMA 35 Density Meter
  • Mettler Toledo SevenGo pro S69 dissolved oxygen meter