Recycling of waste water from Glass Factory


High purity water (HPW)is indispensable for glass production and processing. In these methods technological wastewater is produced in various types of quality.
According to the exaple: In a flat glass a factory several types of wastewater is generated by different methods, such as production of mirrors, polishing plants.
Wastewater, originated from different fields of production may contain: oil, grease, surfacants, glass powder, soluble salts of ingredients, caustic components, heavy metals etc.
Hidrofilt Ltd. is specialised in production of HPW and treatment of wastewater. There is an upper limit in natural water scources (for example in wells), thus recirculation of wastewater is quite important. Otherwise our purpose is to protect environment, for this reason, systems fabricated by our company are designed for „zero emission”.
In order to implement this technology, all kinds of pollutants has to be concentrated in a special way, so that they can be built in the structure of glass.
Tere are numerous types of water preparation and wastewater treatment technologies, such as:
Physical-chemical treatment - decanting, suspension microfiltration, ultrafiltration, two-stage reverse osmosis, electro-deionisation, removal of heavy metals „final cation exchange”.
Due to application of these systems, consumption of fresh water decreased significantly, the factory only emits communal wastewater.
The HPW and wastewater treatment system was installed ten years ago, and since then it is operating without interruption.