Design, Authorization

We work out the mechanical and electrical plans of the water treating equipment by AUTOCAD, EPLAN and SolidEdge planning software in bidimensional...

Product manufacturing

The excellent quality of spare parts and subassemblies used in our equipment and products is assured by our international and domestic suppliers. 

Commissioning, operation system

On demand our equipment will be delivered, installed on site, start-up and we provide training for the operating personnel.                                                

Remote Monitoring System

Central information and monitoring system named Hidrofilt Information System (HIS) has been established for the provision of the highest quality services to customers.

Maintenance and Service

We undertake the service of newly installed equipment, periodic maintenance of existing water treatment systems, supply and overhead material.

Part and chemical supply

We provide 3-5 day shipping deadline for all of our chemicals in three types of package:10,25 kg in cannisters, 200 kg in barrels and 1000 kg in tanks. 

Stainless Steel Production

The workshop INOX is operated from 01 March 2013. Our main activities are manufacturing of of stainless and acid-proof structures, piping and fine filters and on-site installation. 

Project management

Besides implementing water infrastructure, Hidrofilt Ltd. also organises constructional projects related to water treatment technologies, which is called general construction.

Research and Development

Our development team, in collaboration with the several Hungarian universities and research institutes working on new procedures that are both economically and ecologically are more effective for current employees.

Laboratory water analysis

Our company is well equipped with water and material testing laboratory, which is suitable for analysing of the water to be treated. These test data are the basis for the design of optimum water treatment technology.

Accredited Laboratory Measurements

The HIDROFILT Analytical Laboratory performs sampling, on-site and laboratory testing according to specific standards and validated unique methods.

Sampling of drinking water

Drinking water (water supply, water from the cleaning of technological processes steps) for laboratory physical,classical, small and large instrumental for chemical, micrescopic biological and...

Sampling of ground water

Ground water (water from wells and dugs) for Physical, classical, small and large instrumental for chemical laboratory and toxicological tests, sampling planning, preservation of test samples.

Sampling of surface water

Sampling of Surface water (rivers, streams, natural and artificial lakes) physical, classic, small and large instrument for laboratory chemical tests, sampling design and preservation of test samples...

Heat power plant water and steam system

Heat power plant water and steam system (feedwater, boiler water, turbine steam, condensate and cooling water)

Process water of heat power water treatment technology

Process water of heat power water treatment technology (raw water, ion-exchanged water, demineralized water) laboratory physical sample, classic, small and large instrumental chemical tests, sampling...

Sampling of artificial bath water

Sampling of artificial bath water (feed water, purified water, pool water) for laboratory physics, classical, small and large instrument for chemicl tests, sampling design and preservation of test...