HIDROFILT Water Treatment Ltd. has been significantly experienced in the field of drinking water, industrial process and wastewater treatment in the past 20 years. As main contractor or supplier Hidrofilt Ltd. is making efforts to serve its clients with the highest professionalism. With innovative application of its technical background and wide range of skills Hidrofilt Ltd. offers state-of-the-art solutions for various water treatment problems. Hidrofilt Ltd. is a designer, manufacturer and operator of water treatment systems for industries, municipalities, agriculture and institute:

  • processing of drinking water or process water from surface water, ground water seawater, and brackish water by fixed or containerized plants
  • reverse osmosis purification for industries and municipalities
  • process and product water treatment for beverages, distilleries, and food industries
  • water treatment for power plants, boilers and cooling systems, water recycle
  • high quality water, „Purified„ and „High purified water” for pharmaceutical industry
  • industrial waste-water treatment, ZLD technologies
  • treatment of irrigation water


Main areas of applications:

  • water supply and drinking water treatment for municipalities, institutions and productions  
  • pharmaceutical-, oil-gas-, food and beverage-, light- and chemical industries, agriculture
  • preparation of process water, treatment of industrial waste-water
  • power plants, boiler systems, heating facilities, energetic industries
  • boiler feed water treatment


Applied techniques:

  • membrane technique: reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration, microfiltration, membrane degassing and adsorption, electro-deionization
  • ion exchange: softening, removal of salts, heavy metals, nitrate and decarbonisation
  • disinfection, sterilization: oxidative / non oxidative, chemical, thermal, ultraviolet techniques
  • coagulation, flocculation, settling: treatment of surface water and waste water
  • oxidation, media filtration, adsorption: removal of iron, manganese, arsenic, ammonia, color, odor and organic substances
  • cold degassing: removal of carbon dioxide and ammonia
  • sludge treatment: gravity thickening, dewatering, dehydration by filter press
  • evaporation: concentration of waste, recycling of valuable components