Chlorine dioxide feed stations



Dosage of chlorine-dioxide shows an increasing tendency in water purifying treatment. The comprehensive, fool-proof applicability furthermore dosing accuracy and technical evolvement have established the opportunity to use this equipment.


Chlorine-dioxide producing and dosing container made by Hidrofilt Ltd. is doing its activity via combining sodium-chlorite and hydrochloric acid. This process creates the ClO 2 solution. The operation is automated. The control panel tend to compute the required stroke frequency based on the desired dosing quantity. In addition, it receives data from supervisory instruments and in emergency, it shuts down dosing.

Technical shaping

The equipment’s subcomponents are taking place in a container which is divided into three parts. Two parts store the double layered chemical tanks with transfer pumps, one is meant to store dosing pumps, reactor and their tools. The container is equipped with electric heating system, climate, ventilation system, gas-detection apparatus, hand and eye washer. The equipment is a compact unit and ready-made. After transportation, technical and electrical installation, it is ready to deploy.

Technical information

  • Size of the container(L,W,H) 5.87x2.30x2.45 m
  • Dosing performance 600-1200g/h
  • Operating temperature interval 18-40 °C
  • Nominal voltage 3x400/230 V
  • Simultaneous performance max.11 kVA (~20 A)

Advantages of container configuration

  • There is no desire for a building
  • Installation time is not considerable
  • The product is ready-made
  • Automated operation
  • Long lifespan
  • Mobile