Plastic storage tanks


HIDROFILT Ltd. is a designer and manufacturer of plastic storage tanks and tubes. Tailor-made tanks can be manufactured to fulfil customer needs.


  • high chemical tolerance
  • low weight
  • flexible formation
  • wide range of sizes
  • favourable price

Fields of application

  • storage of treated water
  • storage of chemicals
  • storage and settling of waste waters
  • collection of rain water
  • manufacturing, mixing and storage of chemicals
  • storage in food industry
  • settling reactors
  • inner coating of old structures

Services of manufacturer

  • on-site manufacturing
  • low weight
  • formation with less compromises
  • wide range of sizes
  • favourable price
  • certified product
  • technical documentation

Our portfolio

  • volume: 1 - 100 m3
  • material: PE, PP
  • design: cylindrical, rectangular
  • bottom: flat or sloped
  • heat insulation or heating is possible
  • secondary containment
  • location: above or underground
  • fluids with wide range of density
  • applicable temperature ranges: /li>

          PE: -50...50 °C

PP-H: 0...60 °C

PP-C: -20...60 °C


Tanks can only be installed on even solid base. PP tanks cannot be delivered under 5°C.