HIDROFILT Water Treatment Ltd. has been significantly experienced in the field of drinking water, industrial process and wastewater treatment in the past 20 years. As main contractor or supplier Hidrofilt Ltd. is making efforts to serve its clients with the highest professionalism.


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Drinking Water Treatment

Drinking water is usually processed from ground water surface water (rivers, lakes) high salinity water (seawater, brackish water) Hungarian national drinking water...

Process Water Treatment

Process water treatment   References Location: Kazincbarcika year of comissioning: 2009 Capacity: 800 m3/h Technology: Ultrafiltration

Energetic Water Treatment

Energy industry requires high quality process water for the operation of boilers, steam generators, turbines and cooling systems.

Cooling Water Treatment System

Hidrofilt Ltd. is a manufacturer of opened and closed cooling systems.  As manufacturer we offer the followings: whole stream...

Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Different industries generate different types of wastewater with various kinds of contamination. Due to the strictness of the Environmental Legislation...

Underground Water Area Rehabilitation

MAIN STEPS OF THE TECHNOLOGY Coagulation Flocculation Lamella separation with sludge handling to minimize wastes Sand filtration...

High Purity Water Treatment

Certain industries – pharmaceuticals, microelectronics - demand special water quality. Hidrofilt has over 20 reference units in these industries...

Food and Beverage Production

Food and beverage industry product and process water treatment wash alcalis treatment waste water treatment boiler feed water processing...

Leachate treatment systems

Municipal solid waste landfills for leachate water treatment   Substances placed in municipal solid waste landfills contain biologic and ...

Recycling of rinsing water in galvanic industry

Recycling of the rinsing water in galvanic industry is done by the means of full desalination equipment Full desalination equipment reduces salt content...

Recycling of waste water from Glass Factory

High purity water (HPW)is indispensable for glass production and processing. In these methods technological wastewater is produced...  

Irrigation Water Treatment

Irrigation and targeted nutrient supply in vegetable and fruit growing gains more and more importance in recent years. he quality of the crops, their aesthetic appearance as well as the lifespan of the irrigation system are affected...

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