Food and beverage references

No Operator System capacity
Description of system Country Date of Completion
1 CGC Hungary  Ltd. 150,0 Drinkwater purification (lowering microbiological content) for food industrial purposes in tinned food factory Hungary 2016
2 HELL Energy Ltd. 60,0 Filtration on catalitic filter, cloration to breakpoint, clorine removal with carbon filtering, reverse osmosis desalination Hungary 2016
3 Bionly Ltd. 0,2 Chlorate Removal with Activated Media Filter Unit as a pre-treatment  Hungary 2016
4 Spiller Ltd. 6,0 Mineral water production; Activated carbon filter for removing Manganese and Iron, reverse osmosis System for desalination Hungary 2015
5 Piko-Pet Food Ltd. 0,2 Chemical Dosing System Hungary 2014
6 Egri Korona Borház Ltd. 4,0 Desalinating water with reverse osmosis system Hungary 2014
7 Givaudan Hungary Ltd. 60,0  Arsenic removal with flocculation and Multimedia filtration, ion exchange system, membrane degasifyer Hungary 2013
8 Dreher Breweries Ltd. 9,0 Reuse ofRO concentrate  Hungary 2013
9 Tolnatej Ltd. 2,0 Chemical dosing system and carbon filtering unit Hungary 2012