Irrigation water references list

No. Project name Operator System capacity
Description of system Country Date of completion
1 Irrigation water treatment Eba-plusz Ltd. 1,5 Reverse osmosis  desalination system Hungary 2015
2 Wellwater treatment for irrigation purposes Fruitland s.r.o. 10 Reverse osmosis  desalination for sodium and arsenic removal Slovakia 2014
3 Irrigation water Gienger Hungaria Ltd. 2 Reverse osmosis desalination of river water Hungary 2013
4 Irrigation water treatment Arpad Group Co. 25 Iron removal with multimedia filtration and reverse osmosis system Hungary 2011
5 Wellwater treatment for irrigation water treatment N.a. 50  Ion-exchange system for removing Na+ ions, Multimedia filtration for iron removal, reverse osmosis desalination Jordan 2000